FAQ on load transport with e2trail trailers

For Germany, the answer is clearly yes. Pedelecs are regulated in EU standard DIN EN 15194 and have been treated the same as bicycles in Germany since 2013. In principle, the transport of bicycle trailers on pedelecs is therefore permitted in Germany. Therefore, you are generally also allowed to use the trailers on cycle paths. However, further regulations are relevant for bicycle trailers. The Lifter and Pickup models meet the legal requirements for the lighting of bicycle trailers (§ 67a of the StVO). When customising a base body, the lighting must be designed accordingly. When loading, the regulations of §32 StVZO paragraph 1-4 regarding dimensions must be observed - however, this is not relevant in practice (width up to 2.55m, height up to 4m, length up to 12m, length of the combination incl. bicycle/pedelec max. 18m). Of course, in addition to these special regulations, more general regulations such as the duty of care in road traffic must also be observed.

Yes, with suitably level terrain and a trained rider, but a pedelec is more comfortable.

Courier drivers sometimes move 100 kg or more of load on their non-motorised bicycles - on routes without any significant gradients, with only short sections between which they automatically have short recovery breaks. It is mainly the acceleration process that is energy-sapping, not the top speed, which is often less than 10 km/h in delivery operations.

Tip: for longer distances, hilly terrain and a lot of starting, a good pedelec with a mid-mounted motor is definitely recommended.

No, according to the current regulations in the FRG, this is not allowed.

It depends, of course...

Cargo bikes can be differentiated according to the type of load receptacle (surface, tray or box), the arrangement (in front of the driver or behind) and the height of the loading edge and centre of gravity. A concrete cargo bike is suitable if the dimensions of the loading area and loading space fit well with your cargo and the cargo bike can be jacked up / parked without physical effort and yet in a stable manner.

If you already have a pedelec in your fleet, the purchase of cargo trailers is usually more cost-effective.

In addition to the costs, the bulkiness of the cargo, the range of loads to be carried and the spatial conditions also play an important role. We recommend the following rules of thumb: the longer and bulkier the volume (regardless of weight), the more suitable trailers are. If the cargo varies, trailers that can be loaded more flexibly are also often the better solution. When space is tight, it matters: Hitched trailers require more space overall than a cargo bike, but the cargo on the trailer is easier to manoeuvre and can also be moved independently of the bike.

In addition, the cargo pedelec is always a cargo pedelec, even if you don't have any cargo to transport. A normal pedelec, on the other hand, can be used more flexibly outside of cargo trips. This can also make private use interesting for employees, for example after work or at the weekend.

Sometimes, however, it may make sense to use the cargo trailer on a cargo pedelec to maximise cargo capacity.

There is no driving licence requirement for the use of the e2trail trailer n a bicycle or pedelec.

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