Commercially available containers

If you already work with common system formats, you may be able to use it with the Lifter or Pickup without any further accessories. Because of the orientation to the format of the Euro pallet and the basic dimensions LxW 120 x 80cm, the lifter can accommodate and transport many of the common load carriers and container formats. These include many light pallets with their respective additions such as drop sides, stacking frames or mesh baskets. The frame is also equipped with eyelets and other fastening options to which other formats can be secured. The e2trail anti-slip and anti-tilt set can also be used to securely connect other non-system interchangeable containers to the lift (see also below). The pickups can also accommodate many different load formats.

Finally, e2trail offers a continuously growing range of system products, which we present below.


Examples for the use of commercially available load formats: a lift with various superstructures such as Euro pallet, mesh box, light pallet, folding top frame

e2trail Roll container

As standard, the e2trail container has a body with external dimensions LWD 120/80//100cm with lockable, single-handed hinged doors with retractable and fold-out handle. It is equipped with swivel and block castors, a variably adjustable shelf and an anti-slip and anti-tilt device for use with the lift. Depending on requirements, a roof rack system (e.g. for transporting material with excess length), practical folding boxes or additional shelves and partitions can be added. We are also happy to implement solutions with specific requirements for our customers, such as insulated walls.

The e2trail mobile pedestal can be individually configured and is available with grey and orange edging as standard.

Anti-slip and anti-tip device for third-party containers

The e2trail anti-slip and anti-tilt device supports the secure attachment of non-system containers that are picked up and set down by the lift on a recurring basis. The so-called strut catcher is attached to the front end of the underbody and automatically centres and locks the load when the lift moves underneath. At the rear end of the container, one tie-bar securing device is mounted on the right and one on the left, which together hold the container on the lift tie-bars. The combination of strut catcher and safety levers prevents the cargo from slipping and tipping on or off the lift.

Strut catcher from above

Tie bar lock left

Strut catcher from below

Tie bar lock right

Suitable containers can be supplemented with the securing system shown here and thus firmly but detachably connected to the lift. Alternatively, it can be attached to chassis eyelets and suitable struts using lashing straps.

The lifter can be quickly and easily converted into a pick-up with a drop side by means of a supplementary set.

Pick-up extension with drop side

from 890,- € plus VAT*.

You already have a lift and would like to use a pick-up occasionally? A simple, pragmatic solution would be to use a light pallet in combination with a pick-up frame (see above). For higher functionality, e2trail offers a removable pickup plate measuring 120x80cm, which can be equipped with additional lashing eyes. The pick-up supplementary set includes a circumferential drop side that can be folded up on one long side and also completely removed, e.g. for transporting oversized bulky goods. The supplementary set can be further extended with a cradle body (separate system accessories, see below).

Bouncer body with tarpaulin

from 1.390,- € plus VAT*.

The hoop body is mounted on the dropside system. Basically, the way it works is comparable to that of a car trailer's cradle body. As standard, the cradle body is equipped with a white tarpaulin with the e2trail logo. An individual design is optionally possible.

Lift with hoist body and tarpaulin.

Example: this mobile service station for bicycles could be realised with the support of e2trail with already existing material

We advise you

Due to the large number of commercially available, compatible carriers and transport containers, our container system and our dropside system with hopper body, our customers have a wide range of possible applications. We will be happy to help you with advice if you are looking for a good and cost-effective solution for the realisation of your project. We also welcome suggestions from customers as to what else they would like to see in our range. Please use the request for quotation, or send us an e-mail to, or give us a call.

* We ask for your understanding that the prices on the e2trail homepage are provisional and non-binding due to the current situation.