For load transport on road, cycle track and factory premises

Lift trailers from e2trail increase the efficiency of the vehicle fleet in factory transport and the last mile. They can be used on bicycles, e-bikes and many other types of vehicles. The highly versatile trailers pick up cargo from the ground without the need for additional tools. They thus increase the loading and transport capacity of the cargo vehicle and the carrier, making fleets even more efficient and powerful.

What the Last Mile Expert Says

"Because of my experience in last-mile load transport by bike, e2trail had approached me about testing a lift trailer on my cargo bikes in a pilot project in downtown Munich - with up to 250kg payload in addition to the fully loaded Cargobike. The project went on for over a month, and each time I was impressed anew by the easy, intuitive operation and the amazingly light transport. I am convinced that this lift trailer system can become a real game changer on last mile urban transport, and beyond that in factory transport as well."

Peter Blösl, Last Mile Expert*


* Peter Blösl (pictured in the center, here during the pilot project) is known for his development work at logistics company UPS in Munich. There, he has completely switched delivery in the city center from vans to cargo bikes. In the process, he recognized and exploited the potential of trailers early on. He has since founded B4B Logistics as a service provider for the last mile in Munich.

Transport interchangeable containers with lift trailer

Containers with tools, goods and materials, or larger equipment can be picked up from the ground and transported by a lift trailer. Suitable for many types of vehicles, here we show the example e-bike.

Pallet transport

Here we show how our "Lifter" lifting trailer works using the example of a Euro pallet with a mesh box. In less than 1 minute, the load is transferred from the ground to the bicycle.

Heavy duty hitch from car trailer

The payload of e2trail heavy-duty trailers far exceeds the permissible transport load of common coupling systems for bicycles. In addition, our trailers also expand the capacity and application possibilities of conventional transport vehicles on the factory premises. That is why our trailers have a car coupling as standard. Trailer professionals know that this makes coupling and uncoupling quite simple, reliable and done in seconds.

The lifter: your all-rounder

Flexible use, additional loading capacity, more fields of application due to lifting function.

e2trail Lifter with disengaged rear axle

Lifter with disengaged rear axle. It can also be used as a hand truck.

  • Integrates with existing logistics systems: fits many standard container formats, from Euro pallets to mesh boxes to tool and material boxes and containers. For formats outside the standard, the lift trailer can also be adapted.
  • Picks up cargo from the ground: Palletised freight, mesh boxes or swap containers
  • Load capacity 250kg in the standard version, up to 400kg with individual design
  • Narrow, maneuverable and space-efficient: trailers as little as 80cm wide - no more than the load itself
  • Available with and without e-drive (no wiring/sensors required on towing vehicle)

Pickups with XL capacity

Loading areas up to 160 x 100cm and practical add-on modules

e2trail Pickup

The pickup is only 100cm wide despite a loading area of LxW 160x100cm.

  • Extremely large loading platforms: 160cm long, 80 or 100cm wide
  • Nevertheless small vehicle width: like the loading area, 80 or 100cm
  • Many fastening options: Lashing strap eyes and attachment points for every load
  • Load with excess width or excess length possible
  • Dropside and hoop system with tarpaulin: expandable in no time with system superstructure
  • Also as extension for model lifter: simple and quick conversion
  • E-drive and maneuverability see lifter

Trailers with system advantages

e2trail trailers are system trailers. Due to the adaptable heavy-duty coupling (designed for 750kg) and the orientation towards standard formats, the trailers can be easily integrated into existing transport and logistics systems. At the same time, a comprehensive range of system accessories is available for the trailers. This allows further application possibilities to be opened up and compatibility with non-system freight formats to be achieved.


Payload 250 kg and more depending on model & equipment

high load capacity

up to 1.6sqm loading area, excess lengths possible

Compact and manoeuvrable

 Fits on cycle paths and between bollards

Flexible and compatible

Suitable for many common freight formats


Engine brake and mechanical overrun brake


No driving licence necessary